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What happens next in the RVP saga?

Yesterday afternoon a statement released via Robin Van Persie’s personal website illustrated the Dutchman’s decision not to renew his contract at Arsenal Football Club. The decision sparked disgust and anger from many Arsenal fans, towards RVP himself, Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board. In what is a growing trend for Arsenal summers, just when everything seemed to be going decent after two positive signings, Arsenal once again find themselves resigned to losing their best player and captain.

Despite RVP coming out publicly and expressing his concerns about the club, no decision has been made about the Dutchman’s future. Here are several ways this saga could end.

Seeing out his contract

RVP still has a year left on his contract and Arsenal have already released a statement that they expect Van Persie to see out his commitments with the club. In a poll done by @AlexFortyNine 65% of fans would prefer the club to sell RVP rather than keep him for the remainder of his contract. Arsenal are well within their rights to keep RVP for another season as he is under contract, Wenger could make a statement by saying if you don’t want to be here then that is fine, play in the Reserves. Of course Arsenal would miss out on a transfer fee and would still be paying his wages for a year, but it would show Arsenal will not be held to ransom. If RVP is happy to play for the club for the rest of his contract it would enable Wenger to have more time to find a replacement for RVP and would soften the blow in terms of squad reduction for this season at least.

Of course however it does seem as though RVP’s future is not at Arsenal Football Club, keeping RVP around the club for the remainder of his contract could have more negative’s than positives. Keeping an unhappy player around could spark unrest with the other players of the squad as well as being unpopular with the fans. Questions would also be raised about the players commitment after a few bad performances, also with Van Persie’s injury record you can never guarantee a full season. If RVP was to get injured for half the season, which he has done many times in the past, Arsenal would be kicking their selves for not selling him in the summer.

Selling him

The majority of Arsenal fans would prefer to sell Arsenal sell RVP, cut their losses and move on. At the moment there only seems to be two destinations available to RVP, however after yesterday’s public announcement I’m sure other clubs around Europe will be alerted to RVP’s availability. Juventus and Manchester City are two clubs who have had a long running interest in RVP, Manchester City reportedly have already offered a deal to RVP’s agent, and Juventus reportedly had a £8m bid turned down last week by Arsenal.

It really comes down to Arsenal’s personal choice on whom they want to sell him to. They could take a higher offer from Manchester City but of course they would be strengthening the opposition, or they could take a lower offer from Juventus, but at least they wouldn’t be selling another player to Manchester City and RVP would be out of harm’s way domestically.

Apparently Juventus is RVP’s preferred destination, but not everything is to be believed in the papers and it would seem quite backwards for him to go to Serie A. Of course Juventus have just won the league and replicated Arsenal’s invincible achievement, they also have a great chance of retaining their title next season. However Serie A just seems a step in the wrong direction for a man criticising Arsenal’s ambition, but I suppose trophies are trophies, if the man wants trophies does it matter what league he gets them in?

On the other foot, it would be strange of RVP to join Manchester City, especially with the striking options available to City already, he could risk being a squad player, a squad player on £200,000 a week however. In another poll by @AlexFortyNine 91% of Arsenal fans said they would boo RVP if he was to sign for City and return to the Emirates to play Arsenal.

A Change of Mind?

In what seems like the most unlikely scenario, we have seen players before making a public declaration with intentions to leave the club in order to get a better deal. You may remember the Wayne Rooney saga in October 2010 where he announced his intention to leave Manchester United after a fall out with Sir Alex and concerns over the clubs direction, sound familiar? Soon after Manchester United offered him an improved contract and what do you know, Rooney still plays for United today and is happier than ever. The funny thing about this was when you read both Van Persie’s and Rooney’s statements are pretty much identical, as if written by the same person.

However, as I said this would be the most unlikely scenario, as its very rare in the world of football, especially if Arsenal have already offered the most they can afford to give. It seems as though RVP has made his bed and now it’s time to lay in it.

Wayne Rooney’s statement here – http://news.sky.com/story/813557/wayne-rooneys-statement-in-full

Van Persie’s statement here – http://robinvanpersie.com/2012/07/04/update-for-the-fans/

If I was the Arsenal board and Arsene Wenger I would be inclined to sell Van Persie and cut our losses. I wouldn’t get involved in a bidding war, trying to get the most money for him because there will only be one winner, and that would be Manchester City. Van Persie has suffered injury ravaged seasons, after injury ravaged seasons since being bought to the club 8 years ago, rarely completing a full season for the club, who’s to say next season another injury won’t keep him out for the whole season. Keeping him, whilst being bold and sending out a strong statement could bring more negatives than positives. Also the disrespect shown to the club by RVP should not be tolerated, I would take what we can from Juventus or any other clubs outside the Premier League and let him ply his trade out of harm’s way.

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