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5 signings certain to happen in January

I’m going to put my neck on the line right now and say the five signings that I think are pretty much destined to happen in January. I have no inside sources, it is merely just my own opinion going on the basis of my own personal hunches.

1. Thierry Henry – New York Red Bulls – Arsenal

This deal has all the ingredients about it to make it one of the most talked about transfers in the world. Thierry Henry coming back to the club where he broke tons of records and is like a god to the fans. The deal being reported in the media, is that of a loan until March whilst the MLS season is finished. As an Arsenal fan this deal particularly excites me, I would love to see Thierry back at the club and I can only see benefits coming out of this deal.

Deal success 7/10

2. Carlos Tevez – Man City – AC Milan

Carlos Tevez wants out, AC Milan wants Tevez. The deal is as simple as that. AC Milan is somewhere that Tevez wants to go to and AC are probably one of the only teams in the world that will pay his wages. Man City fans I’m sure will be glad to see the back of him. I’ll certainly miss his footballing abilities but his attitude is something English football can do without.

Deal success – 8/10

3. Alexander Pato – AC Milan – PSG

PSG are the new financial powerhouses in european football and could certainly afford any move for Pato. The move of Pato away from AC Milan makes sense as this would surely pave the way and raise capital for AC to sign Tevez. PSG should be taking seriously, they have pulled off a few transfer coups already this season, and with Pato in the ranks surely they will go from strength to strength.

Deal success – 8/10

4. Gary Cahill – Bolton – Chelsea

Bolton were not keen to sell Cahill in the Summer, but surely they can’t hold on any longer and allow Cahill to go for a free in the summer. I would expect a transfer fee of around £7m and Chelsea look like the only club who’s interested at the moment. Chelsea have already allowed Alex to leave the club, thus leaving the door open for Cahill to sign in January.

Deal success – 8/10

5. Roman Pavlyuchenko – Tottenham – Anzhi

Harry Redknapp just the other day stated that Tottenham could be looking to bring in a big name in January, quite who I’m not sure, but whoever it is someone will have to make way for them. Who else other than the inconsistent Russian. Anzhi have massive amounts of capital and are keen on bringing Pavlyuchenko and Arshavin to the club, to add to the starts they have already in Roberto Carlos, Yuri Zhirkov and Samuel Eto’o.

Deal success – 5/10

It will be interesting to see how many of these deals actually do happen over the next month or so, January promises to be a very exciting month indeed.

Other players to keep an eye on in January

Eden Hazard

Mario Goetze

Luckasz Podolski

Jack Rodwell

Fernando Torres




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