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New era of the Premier League

With the Premier League now entering into its most competitive season since the League was formed in 1992, the big four has now extended to the big six. Manchester United whilst still England’s biggest football club now face tougher opposition than ever. With Manchester City and their seemingly unlimited amount of funds and Chelsea who have also invested hundreds of millions of pounds into their squad, teams like Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham have done extremely well to keep up with the financial big guns. Of course Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham have also invested heavily over recent years but nothing on the scale of Manchester City and Chelsea. So the question I ask today is how long until the big six becomes the big twenty and the whole Premier League will become title contenders.

Almost every club in the Premier League has some sort of foreign based funding or ownership. To most of these outrageously rich billionaires, football clubs are their toy to play with in their spare time. All it takes is for a few more Russian or Arab Oil Tycoons to set their eyes on the Premier League and who knows we could have another few clubs like Manchester City.  To think that only a few years ago Manchester City were relegated from the Premier League, now because of the financial investment of one man, they now have the strongest buying power in the whole world. So it is perfectly possible for a billionaire from Uzbekistan to take an interest in Norwich FC and investment a few hundred million and all of a sudden Norwich are a force to be reckoned with.

Of course just because a billionaire comes in and takes charge of a club does not mean instant success, but it’s a million times easy to do it than with sod all in your bank account. Could you imagine a Premier League where it would almost be impossible to know who’s going to finish where, a league where every single club is backed by the world’s richest people, a league where every club has expectations to win the title? These years may not be that far away.

I watch American sports such as NFL and NBA, where the leagues are set up in such a way virtually anyone could win the title. For a team to win the championship two years in a row it takes something magical. Only four teams in the NFL have won the championship back to back since 1980. Since 1980 over 15 teams have won the NFL championship, with 10 winners coming in the last 12 years. Compare that to Premier League who have had just the 4 winners since the Premier League began in 1992.

However with a new precedent being set in the Premier League this season with six teams competing for the title, we could see a new winner of the Premier League this season. Next season we could see a new winner. Before we know it we could have a US style system where by 2022, we could have another 10 winners of the Premier League. Original powerhouses of Premier League football such as Manchester United and Arsenal could well be finishing outside the top 10, who knows even down at the bottom somewhere.

Personally I am not a fan of the US style system, maybe being an Arsenal supporter has something to do with it, as I hate to see new teams with money destroying the work Fergie and Wenger has done for the Premier League. However from a neutral person or from a lower club supporter’s perspective I can see why the idea could be appealing. After all who wouldn’t want their favourite club winning the Premier League title?

The new UEFA financial fair play rules will have some say in this system, but as Manchester City have shown there are ways around these new rules. Football, not just in the Premier League is entering into a new era of money. All around the world, clubs in France, Russia and Germany are being bought by billionaires. Who knows maybe one day we will see the first European League. The money involved in football these days is a very scary thought, sooner or later the men investing all this money will want the league structure to be ran how they want it to.

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